Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Prayer request and trip update

We made it to West Virginia! We've been here for a week and a half just about. (I think! Time is no longer my friend and I usually do not even know what day of the week it is.) We've been staying in motels. We are currently in a small hotel that is a little roomier than the motels have been, but not over-priced. Thank you Jesus!

We've been staying in motels since we left CA and it's not a fun way to live. Better than being homeless though.

We signed a contract for the property we want. But there's been another problem we are having to wait out, on our end, before we can close. it's causing lots of stress, anxiety, and worry, and longer hotel living. We need a home to live in. We need homeschooling to get back on track.

We would love it if you'd help us pray over this matter please!

Summersville Lake, near the property. Looks pretty low! Someone told us they drain it some after each summer season. Have not verified that yet.

I didn't get any blogging done on the trip. Obviously! LOL. Wifi is not that fab out in the boonies or in busy motels, or in the whole northern section of AZ, and some of NM. We enjoyed getting to drive in lots of different states, some not for very long, some for almost the whole length of the state. America is beautiful, I highly recommend going out and seeing some of it before it's too late!

West Virginia is gorgeous, there's so many trees and hills. Reminds me of where we lived in Colorado. People are also really nice here. Strangers start talking to you like you're old friends. It's very refreshing and totally opposite from California where most people wouldn't even smile back or say hi back and preferred to give you a dirty look because you are bothering them.

I can't wait to share more pics and stories, but that will have to wait until we move to the property.

Oh and something exciting for me, that only my primitive friends would understand, there are actually prim shops here! I'm hoping this means I can start swapping again after we get settled and I can unpack my craft supplies. Two shops are very close to the property, but I have not had the pleasure of visiting them yet. I visited two inside a mall in Beckley, but every single thing had a made in China tag. :( Is that pretty common? I know I can source made in America/handmade on Etsy and online, but I also like to support independent brick and mortar.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, we'll be eating at Bob Evans, thankful they will be open and serving dinner. :)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Our Trip from CA to WV

~Kids at the Grand Canyon~

We drove through Las Vegas so the kids could kinda see what it's like. (Hubby and I have been there many times in years past.) The Grand Canyon was pretty awesome, and so big. It was overcast and cold, but hubby managed to get some good pics I think. We stopped to talk to the Native Americans selling jewelry and pottery in AZ at a couple stops. There is something very peaceful about them. We went to Four Corners, where you can stand in four states at once. Then we headed into New Mexico to have dinner with Hubby's family. We drove through a small part of Texas and Oklahoma. Drove through Kansas on up to Nebraska.

We had a great time with awesome friends in Nebraska! I've known Randa online and through snail mail for so many years, since before Anabelle was born and she is 12 now! Randa and her husband welcomed us into their home and we talked and talked and ate homemade food, a VERY welcome break from restaurant and gas station food! Our kids all got along great and I know my kids loved the visit!

We drove through a tiny corner of Iowa into Missouri. Then went through the bottom of Illinois and Indiana. The drive was pretty with lots of trees and rivers, creeks, & ponds. Kentucky had lots of horse farms, which Anabelle loved! She is a horse fanatic. We went over the Missouri River (multiple times), the Mississippi River, and Ohio River.

It turns out that blogging during travelling is not as simple as one thinks. Oh well. We had no phone service or internet in the entire part of northern Arizona and most of northern New Mexico. Thankfully we found some good old fashioned paper maps along the way and had no emergencies. The wifi in most of our motel stops didn't work well either. It's definitely going to take a good chunk of time to collect pictures together of our trip to share. Four people and five photo devices doesn't make the task easy! I did post some pictures during our long drive on Instagram and Facebook.

We made it to West Virginia! There are so many trees and hills here, it reminds me a lot of where we lived in Colorado. Especially this morning when hubby went out to get coffee and said it was 20F outside. Rumor is it will snow tomorrow. :) We shall see!

We're staying in a motel and hopefully will get things started with a realtor tomorrow.

Continually praying for God's guidance!

(post stuck in draft, forgot to post it!)