Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

I hope you all had a great New Year's Day holiday!

We stayed up till midnight with food, games, and a movie. We watched Mercy Rule on Netflix. It was okay, not the greatest movie, but it does have a G rating.

We went to my brother in law's house on New Year's Day. Our nieces got "hover boards" for Christmas and our kids took turns trying them out.

We are packing and cleaning to move, but I don't know when we are moving (maybe next month?), or where yet. Hopefully somewhere more rural because we'd like to get chickens. I can't wait to get out of California! This has been the longest 2 & 1/2 years of our lives, we are antsy to move and start our next journey. Maybe then I'd have something to blog about! ;-)

I've been cleaning out our worm bin for the move. Sorting through the castings for the worms takes DAYS to do. Their compost is amazing for the garden and they process nearly all of our kitchen scraps so they are worth it. The castings make the bin very heavy to move around so it's best to harvest it all and start the bin over. I've got it setup with the small shoebox bin as a temp worm home, the blue bin is their regular home, and the orange 5 gallon bucket is for the worm-free castings (compost). I will spread the compost around the yard and let the rain/watering do the rest.

Our neighbor's tangerine tree is bearing new fruit again. We will miss all the free citrus when we move.

I am excited about...

~ Moving. I don't know where we are going, but I've been praying. God's got this!

~ Getting our cats back. (They have been living with another family (who are being paid) because they were not allowed to live at Gram's house with us.)

~ Getting our stuff out of storage in Colorado. (Living without our things and with someone else's has been a huge challenge.)

~ Finding a Christ centered church where we move to. Praying over this as well!


Terra said...

Have a blessed 2016 as you move and find a new home and a new church.

Randa said...

So exciting! That fresh start is going to be amazing for you guys!!
The hoverboards look fun! I'm such a worrywart, I'd be concerned about them starting on fire after the reports we've seen! lol that's me, Captain Paranoia.