Wednesday, June 3, 2015

State of the Garden Address {1} and Stuff

Our garden is slowly growing. So far we only have plants that we planted from seed. I did not seed start inside.

These are our cucumbers, all planted on the same day.

Pushing up the earth!

(Same plant as above.)

Cucumber poking out!

My birthday columbines are coming back!

Anabelle planted lettuce seeds in the pot. (She is sitting where the cucumbers are planted.)

Bell pepper flowers.

Mums and violas. And weeds. I need to do lots of weeding!

Our strawberries. We started out with two last year and now have six!

The habanero plant is still producing.

The bell pepper next to is still trying too, but I think it will be a goner soon. This brick planter has issues. Nothing grows here well because it's always wet. This planter also has snap peas, two lettuces, and spinach seeds planted. I hope they like this planter better than the "heat" plants.

Chives with new growth.

Rogue onion plants. They are nice to look at, but a pain to mow around (plus the backyard will reek of onion!) These were here before us and no, nobody harvests them. We aren't even sure how long they've been there!? Years!

My poor pot of white and purple alyssum looks horrible. The sprinkler for this pot has stopped working so I have to hand water it now, which isn't bad, but I keep forgetting!

A bucket of water from the shower that I will use in the garden. California is in a very bad drought and there are new water restrictions.

There are a bazillion birds here. All sizes, breeds, and colors. We don't see many at a time though we can hear them. Nobody needs an alarm clock around here. The birds will wake you up at 5:30am, I hope that's the time you wanted to get up!

A random succulent blooming.

Now onto our bush beans. This is plant #2 for this spot. And I was sad to see that divot in the stem. I hope it will be okay! (The first one somehow got mangled up, Anabelle thinks it got stuck under the newspaper, but I am not sure.) I had a plan for the bush beans, to plant in succession and all that jazz, but that was not God's plan apparently! I'm learning.

At least two of the bush beans look great!

Anabelle playing peek-a-boo in the garage.

Anabelle on a broken stationary bike. (She always wants me to take her picture!)

Inside the worm bin. One of the rotted potatoes started growing so I pulled it out of the castings hoping to stop that nonsense. The white things are potato sprouts. I can see that the worms have been hard at work! The bin level was at the top the last time I "fed" them scraps and layered it up to the top with shredded newspaper and leaves. Worms make the best compost!

I started a Ginger Bug today!

Anabelle has been learning about our solar system in science. She had to make a diagram (she chose to use paper) and then she had to tell us something about the sun and planets. I recorded her presentation, but I haven't uploaded to youtube yet. :)

The purple thing is the Milky Way. And yes, she knows that poor Pluto was demoted.