Monday, November 30, 2015

Goodbye November

We got our Christmas tree yesterday.

It's a Douglas Fir and it smells SO good! My great-grandmother always got a Douglas Fir, so we've been getting that variety since we've been out here. I do miss our Colorado pine trees!

Anabelle had to get her picture as the reindeer. :)

There was even a Santa at the store we got our tree from. Anabelle didn't want to get her pic with him at first, but there were no kids around and he was just sitting there all happy.

Poor guy is going to roast in the sun like that!

Justin and Uncle Bill went with us, but they weren't up for posing with Santa or sticking their head into the hole.

The kids are getting ready to decorate the tree tonight. I'm sure Anabelle will be making more ornaments for it soon. :)


L J Dogsmom said...

Anabelle is the most adorable reindeer!
And she is such a good sport to make Santa's day.
It gets long with no friends to talk with.

Jaana said...

I can't wait to see your tree all decorated! I'm not even putting up mine this year, I mean the fake one. I was thinking of getting a real one this time, but since I will be spending Christmas at my parents', I'm afraid it will die of thirst. I do have my (real) table top tree and some pine twigs in a vase, they don't drink as much. :D

By the way, overhere Christmas trees are normally spruces, i.e. the Finnish name for Christmas tree is joulukuusi, Christmas spruce. Oh, have you seen this ( ;)

Poor Santa in his costume... LOL

Happy holiday season to you and yours! <3