Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Long time no post. My laptop's hard drive died on me. :( Only had it a year!! My husband and his brother got it working again for me with a borrowed hard drive. But we need to reinstall Win 8.1 because I'm currently on 10.

I feel bad that I've only posted some book reviews lately, but we don't have a decent back up for me to use and I have to post reviews by a certain time. Blogging from my phone is too tedious, I don't know how some of you put up with that. LOL. I used my son's old macbook to post, but that thing is soooo sssslllooowww and it randomly shuts off so I rarely use it. He needs a new one.

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Gary's family is coming here for dinner so we'll be busy cooking and baking around here!

I've got a cold. :( And poor Justin has it too. Thankfully it is pretty mild. We had to miss our homeschool park day yesterday though, didn't want to pass it on to others. Littles and sick do not mix!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you going out or staying home?

I just signed up for Brenda's blog hop giveaway which begins on Dec 1. So be sure to check back then! And also check out Brenda's blog to sign up!

((I'm already excited for the Christmas season!))


Randa said...

Way to go G!;) I'm glad you are back! I missed your face! (I say that like we don't text, snapchat, instagram. lol)

What are ya making for Thanksgiving? We are having our own here at home on Thursday and then on Friday with our extended family. So I'm cooking twice, but thankfully I only have to make pies and broccoli and rice for Friday. And B & A decided ham was good enough for us since we are eating turkey the day after, so I lucked out! No violating a turkey's insides for me this year! Yeehaw!;)

Hope you guys feel better soon!!

Annesphamily said...

I am joining you at the Blog Hop Giveaway so had to come by and say hi and join your blog. Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving.

Judy at Holly Ridge Folk Art said...

Hi there, lovely blog! I am a new follower and I'm looking
forward to joining you and my other blog friends participating
in "The Greatest Gift is Love" Blog Hop Giveaway.
I know it is going to be fantastic.

Happy Thanksgiving,