Sunday, August 2, 2015

Book Review: Refining Fire (Brides of Seattle)

Refining Fire (Brides of Seattle) book 2
by Tracie Peterson
Twenty-two-year-old Militine Scott is in training at the Madison Bridal School in Seattle, yet she has no intention of pursuing marriage. What respectable man would have her? But she has found the school provides the perfect opportunity to keep her unsavory past hidden.

Thane Patton, though fun-loving and fiercely loyal to his friends, hides a dark secret, as well. He finds himself drawn to Militine, sensing that she harbors a haunting pain similar to his own.

Will they allow God to make something new and beautiful from the debris of their past?

This was my first Christian romance historical fiction novel and I have to say I wasn't impressed.

Refining Fire has four main characters, Abrianna, Militine, Thane, and Wade. The women live in a Bridal School in Seattle with Abrianna's "aunts." Wade and Thane are friends of the Bridal School, helping escort the girls to and from wherever it is they need to go. Of course romance ensues just for these four, as you would expect. The first half of the book was a bit slow and I almost wanted to give up reading. Abrianna's character was tedious to read about. Thankfully the story picked up a little halfway through.

The synopsis for this book is about the character Militine, but her friend Abrianna is in the story more than dear Militine is. There were a couple hints that I thought would play out for Militine's character, but no. Passing through each chapter I wondered why the synopsis was solely based on Militine and her beau! I was disappointed that her character and Thane's character were not more developed. The book focused mostly on Abrianna.

I did enjoy the historical parts of the book. Reading about the fire in Seattle was interesting, as well as the mannerisms of that era. Abrianna is a servant of God and I loved how she got the food house going and I enjoyed the tidbits about the men she served.

One element of the story left me hanging, so I hope the third book will close the door on that. (*ahem* Mr. Welby - I won't post a spoiler, but you are a real slime ball.)

I was given a free copy of this book from Bethany House for my honest opinion.


Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Jessica, sometimes it is disappointing to read a book and it not be as good as you had expected. hugs, Lecia

Connie said...

Hi Jessica, I just wanted to pop in and thank you for following my blog. I love making new blogging friends and sharing ideas and thoughts. I believe in following people that follow me and in being a part of the blogging community. I truly appreciate the sisterhood of bloggers. Have a lovely day.
Connie :)