Monday, July 6, 2015

State of the Garden Address {2}

The garden is doing mediocre. LOL.

The bush beans fell over. So I used a tomato cage to prop them up a bit. Next time I will make sure to use small cages for these.

Cucumbers are still growing and starting to have male flowers.
Also pictured is some lettuce in a pot that I used in my salad today!
I weeded this area finally. I left all the columbines from seeds we tossed in here (top of pic).

We're still waiting to see if these bell peppers will grow anymore fruit. There is some new growth on the bottom right one!

The strawberries I am not sure about. They look like they are producing tons of berries all of a sudden, but they don't look very good. I do cover them with picnic food covers. Darn birds.

Hubby vacuumed the pool this morning. Daughter and cousins are going to be playing in it for the next few days.

Two volunteer cherry tomatoes popped up, but I pulled one out (it was in a bad spot). I will let this one live and see what it does.

New Zealand spinach is growing! I used some of this one in my salad today too! There are three of these, one is right under the tomato so I don't know if it will grow well there. It was there before the tomato! Sorry for the blurryness.

One lonely lettuce. I forget the name of it. It was the freebie from Seeds Now.

Two of the snap peas are growing very slowly. I used some yarn to get these buggers to climb up. Sorry for the blurryness.

Anabelle planted these baby watermelons and is taking care of them all by herself!


Randa said...

Your strawberries look like they are doing good! That's about what our single plant looks like, minus all the strawberries. lol
You should have the kids paint rocks to look like strawberries, I read that they confuse the birds and then they leave your berries alone! Ours is in kind of a stall. It doesn't appear that the birds are eating them.... just moving along slow. The kids check it everyday wondering if the one that is in there is ever going to ripen! lol
Tell Miss A that her watermelons are adorable!!
What's the difference between New Zealand spinach and normal spinach?
Have you tried match sticks for your peppers? They like the sulfur... at least that's what everyone told me last year...

Jaana said...

How long does the growing season last overthere? All year round? :D

I always think of you when I look at the Columbines at the cottage. :)

It's been a very good 'berry year' overhere for strawberries, currant berries etc., but rown trees hardly bare any fruit! The start of the summer was so wet and chilly. We got a summery weather finally in August. Now the air is quite chilly already, but the sun is shining!