Thursday, April 23, 2015

Seeds and Ducks

Our seed order came!

We are going to grow...
Green beans
Lettuce (little gem)
Sugar peas
Wheat Grass
Green squash
Sugarbaby watermelon

And they sent us a free starter kit of Tom Thumb Lettuce. Thank you Seeds Now! We are so excited to get these started!

I *love* that their seeds come in little plastic bags and not the paper variety we are used to. They re-seal and are a very sturdy plastic (not the flimsy ones I get at the craft store), great for storing leftover or harvested seeds.


While Anabelle and I were playing ball in the side yard, she remembered that there were a few strawberries she was waiting to pick.
Our first harvest of the year I think!


Tonight we had another duck come by for a quick swim. This time I got better pictures and a video.

It's fun when they come by for a short visit, but we don't encourage them to stick around because we don't want them leaving "gifts" in the pool! ;)


Terry said...

Annabelle is a name I have not heard in a long time. Pretty. I guess I wouldn't encourage the ducks either lol. I started seeeds inside this year but started too early, they need to get in the ground but it is still too early here.

Randa said...

Yay for strawberries! Aly finally got her little plant! So it is working on growing on the patio in a pot so the killer rabbit crew doesn't get them! They have 2 blooms and a small strawberry. The kids go out and check them everyday.
Ugh, the ducks are a pain in the rear! I mean sure they are pretty, but it's not like you clean your pool just for them to drag their germs rear ends through it!
#wildlifeisnotmyfriendtoday lol

Trace4J said...

Isnt it a wonderful time of year!?!
I love to see things grow.
The JOY!