Monday, April 20, 2015


A very random pic. ;)

I haven't been blogging because the picture situation is out of control now that I have a cell phone. I haven't found a non-pain-in-the-rear way to get the pictures from my phone onto my computer. I thought I figured it out, but it requires me to have to uncheck hundreds of photos, one by one, that I don't want transferred to my computer (Why are there so many images stored on my phone that I didn't put there?) Why there is no "uncheck" all button is beyond me! (All of the photos are auto-selected.) The photos also upload unsorted, which takes extra time to go through and label. Geez this shouldn't be so time consuming! I have dishes to wash! ;)

I'm trying to stick to using my digital camera, because it takes better pics anyway, but I've been bad about carrying it around anymore. For shame, I know. I'm working on it.

I'm also going to complain about not having a useable dishwasher. The water here is hard and we've tried *every* tip out there to get the dishes to come out clean. It takes sooooooo long to wash dishes by hand, that I feel like I have no time for anything else! The dishwasher IS useful though! Once I wash the dish, it goes into the dishwasher to dry. That means it's usually opened up, with the "drawers" pulled out, but we're used to that now. (A friend of mine uses hers to store tupperware! So I'm not alone in this dishwasher sadness.)

I haven't been crafting or stitching. I haven't made a single thing this year. Yes I suck.

I'm anxiously awaiting our seed order. Seeds Now had free shipping over the weekend, so I finally got a seed order in! Yay! We didn't get a lot because there just isn't room. Most of the usable areas of the yard, that are not covered in concrete or lawn, have been poisoned because of a white fly problem on the hibiscus and some of the roses. (The white flies and poison were here before we were.) I've been weeding, composting, and moving bulbs to make way for vegetables in the spaces that I can use. There are some pots laying around, we will make use of those too.

I'm also growing dandelions! They are so easy, I don't even have to plant the seeds. They just grow. I harvested some leaves for a salad, and I'm hoping to get enough flowers to make our own salve. Most people hate dandelions, but I've been doing a lot of reading and found out some interesting things about this plant. And yes, they are good for your lawn! (BTW, I am VERY careful to only harvest dandelions that I know are not poisoned or peed on by animals. I'm allowing them to grow in my usable garden areas.)

If you've made it this far, thank you. :)

Even though I complain, there are lots of good things going on. But those all have pictures I'd like to share with them.

I listened to this last night before bed (Pastor Louie Giglio). It really blessed me!
Part 2 ~ listening to this one tonight.

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Randa said...

Oh a dishwasher. I miss one so. Even though our old one was rather a crap. I hate wasting the water while I do the dishes. We are looking into getting a portable one, since there is no place for a built in here.

I haven't touched my camera much either. It seems like so much work lately doesn't it? I wonder why that is? I think I am just feeling burnt out, especially with life.

Dandelions. Aly and I just had an interesting discussion about them the other day! I will have to tell her that you are growing some on purpose!

Is there a way to "fix" the white fly problem? Is there a natural way to get rid of them?