Thursday, April 23, 2015

Seeds and Ducks

Our seed order came!

We are going to grow...
Green beans
Lettuce (little gem)
Sugar peas
Wheat Grass
Green squash
Sugarbaby watermelon

And they sent us a free starter kit of Tom Thumb Lettuce. Thank you Seeds Now! We are so excited to get these started!

I *love* that their seeds come in little plastic bags and not the paper variety we are used to. They re-seal and are a very sturdy plastic (not the flimsy ones I get at the craft store), great for storing leftover or harvested seeds.


While Anabelle and I were playing ball in the side yard, she remembered that there were a few strawberries she was waiting to pick.
Our first harvest of the year I think!


Tonight we had another duck come by for a quick swim. This time I got better pictures and a video.

It's fun when they come by for a short visit, but we don't encourage them to stick around because we don't want them leaving "gifts" in the pool! ;)

Knott's Berry Farm

Our family decided to get season passes to Knott's Berry Farm! It's a great way to get in some PE and learn some history and science too. ;)

I love this place! Especially the "old west" areas of the park. I also LOVE SNOOPY!

The kids under the water fall at Camp Snoopy.
(click to make larger)

Hubby hates roller coasters, but he decided to ride one with Justin. The cars spin around as they go along the track. He regretted it. LOL.

Anabelle in Camp Snoopy.

This ride goes up and down and jostles a bit.

Lucy and Linus. Linus gave Anabelle a hug!

Riding the stagecoach. The horses they use here are all rescues!

The guys met some new friends...

There was a group of kids on a field trip. We sat in and listened to the blacksmith for a bit.

Hanging out at the Sheriff's. (Didn't realize my lens was dirty.)

Pretending to wash her hands.

I'd love a place like this to live!

We also loved the old school house. I wanted to take lots of pics inside, but my camera wasn't cooperating. Here is a post about the history and also some photos!

We all got wet on this ride. Everyone but me wanted to go again!

The mine ride has been there forever. I think it was the first ride. (I need to look that up.)

Gary liked these old wood pipes (there's lots of old neat stuff to look while you wait in line for this ride.)

I noticed most of my pics of her are with her tongue out. My little stinker...

Then we went on the Sky Cabin. I have never been on it before, that I remember. Anabelle was very scared, but we told it is basically just an elevator. I took some pics of the view. Sadly the windows are pretty old and banged up so they are not too clear. (I went on that yellow roller coaster with Justin, it was scary.)
(click to make larger)

(click to make larger)

California isn't very pretty today.
(click to make larger)

Anabelle loved this ride and went on it twice. I told her this is how the eggs feel when she scrambles them! Justin rode with her the 2nd time.

At the end of the day, the kids and hubby went looking for a funnel cake. So I sat and rested and managed a personless photo of my view while I waited. This was a great day to go because of the weather and also being a school day. Homeschooling allows us to go whenever we want! In the summer we won't go as much because it will be hot and crowded. (cell phone pic.)
(click to make larger)

Anabelle soaring through the air in Camp Snoopy. (hubby cell phone pic)

This was not our first trip to the park, and it won't be our last. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Everyday Life

We have a much loved dog. Every day he is hugged, squeezed, laid upon, chased around, etc, etc, etc! Nothing bothers him; he is the best playmate and cuddler. And as I'm sure I've mentioned many times before, he's my shadow.

He loves going into the courtyard to roll around the grass.

Anabelle and Justin love playing with him.

And hugging him.

We picked dandelions for our salve.

Hubby vacuumed the pool after work.

Our sweet Bailey Buckaroo always wants to be where we are.

Anabelle and I played toss with Justin's basketball. The basketball is a bit hard so our next purchase will be a dodge ball.

We had lots of fun tossing, bouncing, and rolling the ball after school work. We played until daddy called us in for dinner.