Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bailey Buckaroo

Our doggy got out last night and went gallivanting through the neighborhood. He's a runner, so if he gets out, we want to know right away to get him back quickly.

Well somebody didn't shut the front door all the way, and the gate was open to the driveway, so Bailey took the opportunity to sneak out unnoticed.

When we did notice, panic set in and all of us ran out to look for him. Hubby in the car, kids and I walking with a flashlight because it was dark.

After going through our small housing tract, hubby and the kids went out to look in other areas. I walked home.

Almost to the house I heard Bailey bark! He heard someone walking, but couldn't see me yet, and was being his good dog self by barking LOL. He was on the driveway and was so happy to see me. I told him what a good boy he was for coming back. Then we walked into the house like he'd just been on a leashed walk. Usually he runs the other way when he's loose because he doesn't want to be caught. We are on a "no outlet" street so maybe he knew it was useless to dodge me? I don't know. This is the first time he hasn't run from me.

It's amazing to me that this dog who loves me so much also runs from me when he thinks he's "free". Bailey is my shadow. He follows me around the yard. He wants to be near me, he wants to sleep near me, he sleeps on my feet, under my desk (though he often doesn't fit). He does not like to be in a different room than me. He's like my 3rd child.

I hated feeling the panic of not knowing where he was. Afraid he'd gone out to the main road that's 45 MPH, but everyone goes 60 MPH. Afraid he'd get hit by a car. Afraid we'd never see him again. I love my dog! He's such a loving, gentle giant. Hopefully we don't have another scare like last night.

In other Bailey news, my doggy isn't going to have surgery after all! Which is GOOD because we were super nervous to have him konked out to drain the junk in his ear. He's older, and the bigger the animal, the more chemical they have to give, and that freaks us out. The prescription the vet gave him has made his ear swelling go down. The vet had to cancel his surgery appointment last Wednesday because their office was having water issues and was flooding, we rescheduled it at the time, but he's so much better now. Praise God!

He can't wait to get that thing off his neck!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October TUSAL

My current ORT jar. My usual one was in another room when I took this pic.

They are both mostly empty because I now dump them into this paper bag of ORTs and scraps. I use the contents of this bag as stuffing. Instead of throwing it all away, it gets tucked inside pillows or (as of late) large pumpkins. ;)

This bag is half full, but in the pic it doesn't look that way. An optical illusion? It's a very old Alpha-Beta grocery bag (They went out of business when I was a kid!) With how crumpled up and obviously used this bag looks, I'm amazed it isn't ripped to shreds yet.

What's an ORT? What's a TUSAL?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Decorating

I made this big pumpkin. Hubby calls it the heirloom pumpkin.

I took some time to re-arrange and decorate. The leaves I made from muslin, paint, coffee and cinnamon.


I love how much the alyssum has filled out this pot. It makes me happy when I see it!

Our sweet pupparoo has an ear hematoma. He's got a date with the vet next Wednesday to get it drained. He's done well wearing this collar, thought for sure he'd keep pulling it off! He'll have to wear it for three weeks after his surgery. I think he likes it when he sleeps because it acts like a little pillow under his head. hehe.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Irvine Park Zoo

We decided to visit the Orange County Zoo for a field trip. It's located inside Irvine Park. I've been going to this park since I was a kid. It's right around the corner from where I grew up. My elementary school had their end of the year picnics there. My great grandmother used to take me there to ride horses. She would sit and wait while I went with a group that was taken out on trails. I also worked at the pony rides in middle school. That's where my pony Scout came from. He was a Christmas gift who passed away 8 months later from cancer. Someday I will share pictures and more about him.

Before we headed into the zoo, Anabelle spotted this woodpecker from across the parking lot, It was sitting on the side of the fountain like it was trying to drink from it. As soon as I zoomed in to get a pic, he jumped onto the top of the fountain. Then I tried to take another pic, but that one came out blurry. As soon as I tried to take a new one, he flew away. I guess he's camera shy.

It was very hot at 101 F. Yes we were crazy to go to the zoo on such a hot day. LOL. We had fun anyway.

In front of the fountain.

There is a petting zoo with goats. Anabelle and I went in to pet and brush them.

We loved the "fun size" goats!

(out of the petting zoo) I have never seen goats with hair on their backs! Interesting.

Anabelle wanted a pic of the bunnies. She liked the black spot on the white bunny's ear.

This was the only active Beaver, the others were sleeping. It kept going to the bottom left corner and scratching at the window. I guess it wanted out?

There are lots of Halloween decorations all around the zoo.


This made me think of a certain someone... hehe

This mountain lion likes the ball.

All done visiting the zoo!

It's a small zoo, but it does not disappoint! We saw lots of animals. The ocelot was so cute and probably our favorite. The fencing at the zoo makes it very hard to take photos, but it allows us to see the animals closer.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hot Day

It was 102F today. Yuck! I enjoyed the day by cutting fabric, getting ornaments for a swap worked on, painting, sanding, staining, & cinnamon rubbing. All the while I hoped the dishes would wash themselves. But they didn't.

This table is so handy for drying my candy corns between paintings. The orange circle is velvet waiting to be turned into another pumpkin. I'll be using some longer pieces of the velvet to make tall pumpkins. I also have purple velvet to make more pumpkins! I can't wait to see how those turn out.

Finally the sun is starting to set. Sanded up these painted wooden spoons that are a UFO. The leaves are made from fabric, almost done with those. I have a set of smaller leaves all finished and ready to scatter around the house.


Homeschooling has been going well for the most part. Much better than last year now that we've got a year under our belts! Every day is not perfect. There have been a couple of meltdowns, but math is hard!

We've been enjoying reading Little House in the Big Woods. We decided to do lapbooks for this series.

Anabelle used her birthday money to get a new doll. (She has one of these Target dolls (a brunette) and a couple of the horses, but they are in storage in Colorado with all of her other toys.)

Her name is Jenny and she is a baker. Anabelle loves to cook and bake!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Harvest Swap

I got my swap package today!

All of these wonderful goodies came from Cindi at Cindi's Country Corner.

I've already decorated with everything!
The towel is hanging in the kitchen.

The candy corn and pillow tuck found a home in the big wood bowl by the front door.

The cute wood pumpkins are sitting atop the piano.

The scarecrow plate is sitting on my Gram's old sewing machine.

Anabelle and I have even started using one of the pumpkin pie candles she sent! It smells yummy!

Thank you Cindi for all of the goodies you sent!

This is what I sent to Cindi: The caramel corn candle, wood sign, and bottle brush tree were from a local shop. I stitched all three of the pillow tucks and the coffee cozy. I also made the two pumpkins. The pumpkin soap is from The Farmer's Attic Etsy shop. And the mini grungy pumpkin ditty bag with sweet annie is from another Etsy shop, but the shop is closed now.

Thank you Amy at Bumblebee Lane for hosting the swap!