Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shopping and Such

Gary and I went back to the shops at the Orange circle. Anabelle wanted some candles, and I wanted some sifters to make something with. I also found some neat cookie cutters, a crow pie vent, and a little wooden tray.

I love the crow vent! I dressed him up with a scrap of harvest colored fabric.


I did a little bit of front door decorating. We don't have much to decorate with so it's a bit sparse. (I'd love to be able to hang a tall wooden pumpkin on the painted brick wall there.)

Bailey taking another cool nap.


Anabelle harvested some yummy orange bell peppers and chives for lunch!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September TUSAL

My workspace is a disaster! Covered in craft supplies and homeschool stuff. I will continue to procrastinate on organizing this room for awhile longer.

My ORT jar is there among the mess. It has cross stitching ends, sewing machine ends, and teeny fabric scraps.


My little camera ham...


Today she took my camera and took a bunch of selfies and other pics.
This is the only one I can share. In one pic it looks like she is licking my lens. Kids!


I joined the Homespun Ornie Swap!

And... I have my harvest swap all ready to mail. Just need to find the packing tape!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Birthday Boy

Yesterday Gary and I had a "date" and went to Old Town Orange to look at the antique shops. Most everything was way overpriced. Such a huge disappointment! There was lots of eye candy, and lots of junk (think cruddy thrift store junk, not good junk.) We'll be going back to look at a few more shops that we were too tired to wander through.

I did find a few things to buy. I spent $10 in all. Fabric from one shop, pumpkin crow at another.


Today is Justin's 14th birthday! We didn't school today, but we did have our weekly park day with our friends. Justin opened his gifts before we left for the park (after daddy got home from work). Then he had his birthday dinner. He wanted a hamburger and macaroni and cheese.


Anabelle made a new friend at the park today! She is an instant friend maker. The new friend hugged her when they left, it was so sweet!


And lastly, I had to get a pic of Bailey this morning. He's so funny about this yard. He doesn't get to use it much because he can get out to wander the streets if he tried hard enough. But it's finally cooling down so that we can have the front door open, so he'll run out there like he's free to roam the neighborhood, but he's really not. After he sniffs around for a bit, he goes and lays on the very cool sidewalk. He refuses to come inside until he's laid there long enough. Poor doggy has not been enjoying our very hot summer!


Hey guess what! Autumn starts tonight! Woohoo!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Garden Update again

We got rid of most of the tomato plants. Their spots were quite bare so we picked up some new flowers at Home Depot. We planted mums and an ornamental pepper in the patio planter. (Anabelle always puts eggshells on the plants to keep bugs from eating them. She's so thoughtful and caring to our garden.)

Gary's bell pepper plant came back to life! I am amazed, thought for sure it was a goner.

Gary's habaneros are finally taking off as well. This plant is loaded with peppers.

This pot has been bare for awhile. It had some nasty looking overgrown succulent in it, and it was loaded with spiders, slugs, and a wasp nest, yuck! Anabelle helped me raise the soil level with dirt from around the yard. I think it looks so much better planted with white and purple alyssum and a purple petunia!

The volunteer bell peppers are doing okay. One is starting to fruit. Yay! Next to them, our neighbor's tangerine tree is loaded with green fruit. This branch is suddenly hanging down real low into our yard. I need to find a long enough stick to prop it up. Don't want it breaking! (I know it looks like there's a stick already there, there is, but it is too short and is not even touching the branch.) These tangerines are soooo good. Our neighbor said this tree fruits every other year! I thought that was interesting. We were eating from the tree last year, but there wasn't much left on the tree and we went through them quickly. Now I understand why. We are antsy for all these green orbs to turn orange!

We planted new petunias in this wood pot. Petunias last a long time here, almost an entire year.

Pretty soon we'll have to deflate all these and put them away. We try to keep them stored on the patio when not in use. The sun and the dog ruin them if left out. I've had to patch the orange ring twice and we haven't had them for very long.

It's time to recycle Anabelle's house box. She's had a lot of fun with it! We never got around to painting it red.

p.s. Been in the craft room as often as I can get in there! I've been working on a fall swap! Hoping to hit an antique store or two before I have to mail my box.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Birthday and a Double Party

Anabelle turned 10 on Sept 12!

She wanted sushi for her birthday dinner.

Chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

The day after Anabelle's birthday, we had a pool party for her and Justin and invited friends and family! It was a VERY hot day. Perfect for the pool, but not so much for sitting on the patio.


I made Justin a vanilla Minecraft cake with some vegan chocolate cupcakes (one of our families is vegan and we didn't want them missing out on the cake eating.) We used fruit leather for the red squares. I also made the cream cheese frosting for his cake, but used store bought for the cupcakes.

I made Anabelle a My Little Pony vanilla cake with two shades of purple frosting. I used elderberries and blueberries to color the frosting. My vision for this cake did not turn out, but that is okay. I'm not a cake decorator! Coloring the frosting was a challenge. I think the blueberries make a better purple! (We could not taste the berries in the frosting.) Why we don't eat "food dye" anymore.

I used the 2nd recipe on this post. Classic Butter Cake (with whole grain.) It's a very good cake! The second and third time I made it, I evened out the wheat and white flours though. It was a little too dry for us otherwise.

Anabelle and her cousins. "Hurry up and light the candles, we want cake!"

After the candle blowing... I love this one of Justin. LOL.

Our kids have birthdays 10 days apart. Soon it will be Justin's birthday!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pumpkin Sightings

Anabelle and I are very excited to see pumpkins at the grocery store!

Now if autumn would arrive in SoCal, that would be awesome!

Fun at the Park

We love our homeschool park days! It's awesome to have other families to play with, hang out with, and talk to.

Recently we had our own version of the Autumn Moon Festival. The kids learned about the rabbit in the moon. We were served iced tea and tea cakes that the kids drew on with food safe markers. The kids made paper lanterns and mini dragons.

They also played this fun game using chopsticks. They raced to see who could get the most pom-poms (worth 1 point) and rubber bands (worth 2 points) into their take-out boxes in one minute.

Anabelle with her paper lantern and mini dragon in front of the big dancing dragon!

The teens and our event coordinator made this really cool dragon! A lot of hard work went into it.

Justin's turn playing the chopstick game.

It was a fun day and the kids had a blast!