Sunday, August 31, 2014

The last of August

I've been busy procrastinating again!

I just finished going through our pics and realized I'm way behind. What a terrible place to be!

We babysat Coco a couple of times this month. Anabelle just adores her.

For science Anabelle made salt dough in two different colors. She used the dough to assimilate the three different movements of the earth's plates (didn't get a photo of that.)

She loves making stuff!

And then she played with the dough the rest of the day! She made cakes, donuts, and pastries. Then we had to pretend to eat them!

The next day for science, she was supposed to form the dough she made around a bottle to make a volcano. She didn't want to use all the dough, so it turned out to be a tall and slim volcano. LOL. We had fun mixing baking soda and vinegar inside the bottle to make the volcano "blow"!

The aftermath of the volcano explosions...

We babysat Coco a lot this month.

We got her toys and a leash that stay here, and she gets to use them when she comes over. Yes, she is spoiled!

Justin helped make a dragon for an upcoming fun event at the park in September!

All for now!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August ramblings

We started school last Friday. It depleted our internet usage for the month and I became worried that we'd have to spend hours every day at the library again. Thankfully our neighbor is now helping us out in this situation so that we can continue to school at home!

I've made loaves of banana and pumpkin bread. The pumpkin puree was made from our garden pumpkins.

My half-brother, his girlfriend, and their 2 yr old son came to town. This was our first time meeting his son.

Anabelle and her cousin Ethan.

Anabelle at the library. We go there to check out books, update laptops and handheld games, and download files I need. She was being ornery and giving me nasty faces before I got out my camera to take a picture. Of course her attitude changed immediately and she couldn't be angry anymore so I missed snapping the picture I wanted.

We went to the local zoo. I remember going to this one in particular with my great-grandmother. I was a bit disappointed in their lack of everything. We bought year passes though because we can use them to get in to other zoos free or discounted.

This farm area is new to me. Love the big barn.


Justin's books arrived finally! I was starting to worry they'd never arrive. Seriously. I started him on the reading on Easy Peasy, but after he finishes the first one, he'll be doing his own books.

Lookee what I won from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe!! It has a cute little teapot charm to go with it! I can't wait to stitch this!

Pattern can be purchased HERE.

I also bought some of her beautiful overdyed floss! I couldn't help myself... This set is called Pumpkin.

I am still working on the sampler, but I started a 2nd pattern. I normally don't stitch more than one at a time, but when I saw this free pattern pop up on the Prim Stitchers Society group on FB I couldn't resist! I love love love crows! I'm almost done with it. Just have to finish the leaves that run down the right side.

Pattern by Lori Brechlin from Notforgotten Farm.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Goodbye July, Hello August

Our garden has majorly dwindled. I don't know if I will be taking anymore pics of it... But we have been enjoying more beefsteak tomatoes! Still waiting for the one and only habanero to turn orange... there really isn't anything else to report on sadly.

Next week starts our 2nd year of homeschool!

Pics I've taken lately...

We puppy-sit my BIL's dog occasionally. She just loves the kids and sat next to Anabelle as she painted her horses.

Anabelle made a piggy bank with paper mache and a plastic bottle. She loves to make stuff!

While her brother was in San Diego with his best friend from Colorado, Anabelle and I had a girl's day! We went to Starbucks and did a little household shopping at Target. I allowed her to try one of the new Fizzio's at Starbucks. We stopped drinking soda 2 years ago so they still want it sometimes. She had their ginger-ale and it was pretty tasty.

We played Monopoly with LEGO minifigs. Justin lost first so he put houses and hotels on the non-properties waiting for Anabelle and I to finish. I won. :-D

Still working on "Her Sampler." I'm now doing the eyelet stitch. One eyelet is 16 stitches total. It's not a difficult stitch, but you have to pay close attention not to miss one of the 16 stitches.

I've started another cross stitch pattern that I just got via the Prim Stitchers Society group on Facebook. Feel free to join if you love primitive cross stitch! A lot of prim designers are on there and post freebies occasionally.