Monday, November 17, 2014

Sewing Adventures and Belated Halloween Fun

Somebody please tell November to slow down! I can't believe we have passed the middle of the month already!

I've been doing some sewing again.

This time I made some stump dolls.

Those of you who really know me, know that I am not a big fan of dolls (traditional, porcelain, raggedy, etc.) However, the little stump dolls (or prairie dolls? or church dolls?) are kinda cute! They have no arms and no faces and are simple. I just love simple. I love their head coverings and aprons. The candy cane I whipped up too while making the girls. It is a pen from last year's stocking stuffers that ran out of ink that I wrapped in fabric. I like to recycle!

For my first time making them, I am quite pleased with how they turned out. The first girl, I forgot to box the bottom. The second one I did the boxing, but I didn't pin it so it's not lined up correctly. That just gives them character? LOL Not that anyone is going to be peaking up their skirts! But I will be hanging them on our Christmas tree.


For Halloween Justin was Emmet from The LEGO Movie! He and daddy made the "piece of resistance" for his back. I made the pants using a pair of his pj bottoms as a template.

Anabelle went as a cowgirl! We got her hat at Goodwill, and the boots were borrowed. The rest came from her closet.
(The first version of her costume she wore for our homeschool group Halloween event which fell a few days before Halloween. The second version was for Halloween day.)

I made her this trick or treat bag, where I first learned how to box corners and to make something with a lining! She chose three different fabrics: inside, outside, and the handle.

Goofy girl!

For Halloween she changed her costume up a bit. Cowgirls can do that ya know.

We have been enjoying pumpkin puree in everything and pumpkin seeds for snacks. Sprouts' pumpkin cider is *oh so good!* But they ran out by Halloween. I wished I could have bought a ton, but they were a little pricey per bottle. I love the bottles and have saved the ones we bought. I'll be trying to get the labels off soon.

Anabelle's pumpkin:

My pumpkin:

Justin's pumpkin:

If you can't tell, that is Pinky Pie from the newer My Little Pony series. He's a "brony" and loves the show.



Christine said...

Your dolls are adorable! Their bonnets and aprons are so pretty and will look great on the tree!
Looks like you all had fun at Halloween
Best wishes

Trace4J said...

How fun.
Your sweeties look Halloween great!!
Love the boots. :)
And wow you guys really rocked the pumpkins.
Love your cat.
Woolie Hugs to you friend :)

Danice said...

'Love the stump/church dolls. They are so prim and really easy to make. The pumpkin carvings are awesome. 'Also love the treat bag. Everything you posted is just really creative. Interesting... I did not know that you do not like dolls :)