Saturday, October 25, 2014

October TUSAL

My current ORT jar. My usual one was in another room when I took this pic.

They are both mostly empty because I now dump them into this paper bag of ORTs and scraps. I use the contents of this bag as stuffing. Instead of throwing it all away, it gets tucked inside pillows or (as of late) large pumpkins. ;)

This bag is half full, but in the pic it doesn't look that way. An optical illusion? It's a very old Alpha-Beta grocery bag (They went out of business when I was a kid!) With how crumpled up and obviously used this bag looks, I'm amazed it isn't ripped to shreds yet.

What's an ORT? What's a TUSAL?

1 comment:

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, great idea saving the bits, I need a paper bag for just that.:) Blessings Francine.