Sunday, October 5, 2014

Irvine Park Zoo

We decided to visit the Orange County Zoo for a field trip. It's located inside Irvine Park. I've been going to this park since I was a kid. It's right around the corner from where I grew up. My elementary school had their end of the year picnics there. My great grandmother used to take me there to ride horses. She would sit and wait while I went with a group that was taken out on trails. I also worked at the pony rides in middle school. That's where my pony Scout came from. He was a Christmas gift who passed away 8 months later from cancer. Someday I will share pictures and more about him.

Before we headed into the zoo, Anabelle spotted this woodpecker from across the parking lot, It was sitting on the side of the fountain like it was trying to drink from it. As soon as I zoomed in to get a pic, he jumped onto the top of the fountain. Then I tried to take another pic, but that one came out blurry. As soon as I tried to take a new one, he flew away. I guess he's camera shy.

It was very hot at 101 F. Yes we were crazy to go to the zoo on such a hot day. LOL. We had fun anyway.

In front of the fountain.

There is a petting zoo with goats. Anabelle and I went in to pet and brush them.

We loved the "fun size" goats!

(out of the petting zoo) I have never seen goats with hair on their backs! Interesting.

Anabelle wanted a pic of the bunnies. She liked the black spot on the white bunny's ear.

This was the only active Beaver, the others were sleeping. It kept going to the bottom left corner and scratching at the window. I guess it wanted out?

There are lots of Halloween decorations all around the zoo.


This made me think of a certain someone... hehe

This mountain lion likes the ball.

All done visiting the zoo!

It's a small zoo, but it does not disappoint! We saw lots of animals. The ocelot was so cute and probably our favorite. The fencing at the zoo makes it very hard to take photos, but it allows us to see the animals closer.

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Randa said...

The Allie Gator made me laugh!;)
Looks like lots of fun! We haven't hit up a zoo in quite awhile, we might have to make it happen!