Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hot Day

It was 102F today. Yuck! I enjoyed the day by cutting fabric, getting ornaments for a swap worked on, painting, sanding, staining, & cinnamon rubbing. All the while I hoped the dishes would wash themselves. But they didn't.

This table is so handy for drying my candy corns between paintings. The orange circle is velvet waiting to be turned into another pumpkin. I'll be using some longer pieces of the velvet to make tall pumpkins. I also have purple velvet to make more pumpkins! I can't wait to see how those turn out.

Finally the sun is starting to set. Sanded up these painted wooden spoons that are a UFO. The leaves are made from fabric, almost done with those. I have a set of smaller leaves all finished and ready to scatter around the house.


Homeschooling has been going well for the most part. Much better than last year now that we've got a year under our belts! Every day is not perfect. There have been a couple of meltdowns, but math is hard!

We've been enjoying reading Little House in the Big Woods. We decided to do lapbooks for this series.

Anabelle used her birthday money to get a new doll. (She has one of these Target dolls (a brunette) and a couple of the horses, but they are in storage in Colorado with all of her other toys.)

Her name is Jenny and she is a baker. Anabelle loves to cook and bake!


Holly said...

Wow...that's hot! It was unusually cool here with highs in the lower 60's. Love all of your creations, especially the leaves. They look so real! So glad homeschooling is going well. Sounds like you are staying busy.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, that is hot, cold here already. Sweet girlie girl, good homeschooling... Love the leaf crafts, very nice.Blessings Francine.

Randa said...

Yuck! I bet y'all are missing Colorado like crazy now!

Homeschooling is amazing isn't it? Most days anyway! lol

Your candy corn is adorable!