Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bailey Buckaroo

Our doggy got out last night and went gallivanting through the neighborhood. He's a runner, so if he gets out, we want to know right away to get him back quickly.

Well somebody didn't shut the front door all the way, and the gate was open to the driveway, so Bailey took the opportunity to sneak out unnoticed.

When we did notice, panic set in and all of us ran out to look for him. Hubby in the car, kids and I walking with a flashlight because it was dark.

After going through our small housing tract, hubby and the kids went out to look in other areas. I walked home.

Almost to the house I heard Bailey bark! He heard someone walking, but couldn't see me yet, and was being his good dog self by barking LOL. He was on the driveway and was so happy to see me. I told him what a good boy he was for coming back. Then we walked into the house like he'd just been on a leashed walk. Usually he runs the other way when he's loose because he doesn't want to be caught. We are on a "no outlet" street so maybe he knew it was useless to dodge me? I don't know. This is the first time he hasn't run from me.

It's amazing to me that this dog who loves me so much also runs from me when he thinks he's "free". Bailey is my shadow. He follows me around the yard. He wants to be near me, he wants to sleep near me, he sleeps on my feet, under my desk (though he often doesn't fit). He does not like to be in a different room than me. He's like my 3rd child.

I hated feeling the panic of not knowing where he was. Afraid he'd gone out to the main road that's 45 MPH, but everyone goes 60 MPH. Afraid he'd get hit by a car. Afraid we'd never see him again. I love my dog! He's such a loving, gentle giant. Hopefully we don't have another scare like last night.

In other Bailey news, my doggy isn't going to have surgery after all! Which is GOOD because we were super nervous to have him konked out to drain the junk in his ear. He's older, and the bigger the animal, the more chemical they have to give, and that freaks us out. The prescription the vet gave him has made his ear swelling go down. The vet had to cancel his surgery appointment last Wednesday because their office was having water issues and was flooding, we rescheduled it at the time, but he's so much better now. Praise God!

He can't wait to get that thing off his neck!


Randa said...

I'm so glad he came back on his own!

Well that's a praise that he doesn't have to have surgery!

Jaana said...

Oh Bailey Bailey... don't scare your mommy like that anymore! He sounds SI much like my Topi who is sleeping by my feet also at the moment (I'm always afraid I will one day roll over him with the chair... yikes). He really is my shadow, and I was just saying how his presence in the car, for example, also calms me down now that I am driving more, to have someone to talk to while I am driving. LOL

Though we still have that issue of him not wanting to stay home alone.... that is NOT good. :P