Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fun at the Park

We love our homeschool park days! It's awesome to have other families to play with, hang out with, and talk to.

Recently we had our own version of the Autumn Moon Festival. The kids learned about the rabbit in the moon. We were served iced tea and tea cakes that the kids drew on with food safe markers. The kids made paper lanterns and mini dragons.

They also played this fun game using chopsticks. They raced to see who could get the most pom-poms (worth 1 point) and rubber bands (worth 2 points) into their take-out boxes in one minute.

Anabelle with her paper lantern and mini dragon in front of the big dancing dragon!

The teens and our event coordinator made this really cool dragon! A lot of hard work went into it.

Justin's turn playing the chopstick game.

It was a fun day and the kids had a blast!

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