Monday, September 22, 2014

Birthday Boy

Yesterday Gary and I had a "date" and went to Old Town Orange to look at the antique shops. Most everything was way overpriced. Such a huge disappointment! There was lots of eye candy, and lots of junk (think cruddy thrift store junk, not good junk.) We'll be going back to look at a few more shops that we were too tired to wander through.

I did find a few things to buy. I spent $10 in all. Fabric from one shop, pumpkin crow at another.


Today is Justin's 14th birthday! We didn't school today, but we did have our weekly park day with our friends. Justin opened his gifts before we left for the park (after daddy got home from work). Then he had his birthday dinner. He wanted a hamburger and macaroni and cheese.


Anabelle made a new friend at the park today! She is an instant friend maker. The new friend hugged her when they left, it was so sweet!


And lastly, I had to get a pic of Bailey this morning. He's so funny about this yard. He doesn't get to use it much because he can get out to wander the streets if he tried hard enough. But it's finally cooling down so that we can have the front door open, so he'll run out there like he's free to roam the neighborhood, but he's really not. After he sniffs around for a bit, he goes and lays on the very cool sidewalk. He refuses to come inside until he's laid there long enough. Poor doggy has not been enjoying our very hot summer!


Hey guess what! Autumn starts tonight! Woohoo!


Earlene L. said...

Sounds like a pleasant day.

Happy Fall

Randa said...

Hope you had a great day buddy!

Sounds like you and Gary had fun!!