Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Birthday and a Double Party

Anabelle turned 10 on Sept 12!

She wanted sushi for her birthday dinner.

Chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

The day after Anabelle's birthday, we had a pool party for her and Justin and invited friends and family! It was a VERY hot day. Perfect for the pool, but not so much for sitting on the patio.


I made Justin a vanilla Minecraft cake with some vegan chocolate cupcakes (one of our families is vegan and we didn't want them missing out on the cake eating.) We used fruit leather for the red squares. I also made the cream cheese frosting for his cake, but used store bought for the cupcakes.

I made Anabelle a My Little Pony vanilla cake with two shades of purple frosting. I used elderberries and blueberries to color the frosting. My vision for this cake did not turn out, but that is okay. I'm not a cake decorator! Coloring the frosting was a challenge. I think the blueberries make a better purple! (We could not taste the berries in the frosting.) Why we don't eat "food dye" anymore.

I used the 2nd recipe on this post. Classic Butter Cake (with whole grain.) It's a very good cake! The second and third time I made it, I evened out the wheat and white flours though. It was a little too dry for us otherwise.

Anabelle and her cousins. "Hurry up and light the candles, we want cake!"

After the candle blowing... I love this one of Justin. LOL.

Our kids have birthdays 10 days apart. Soon it will be Justin's birthday!!

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Randa said...

Happy Birthday Miss A!!!! Hope it was great! (Sorry I am late! I never have the computer open anymore!)