Sunday, August 31, 2014

The last of August

I've been busy procrastinating again!

I just finished going through our pics and realized I'm way behind. What a terrible place to be!

We babysat Coco a couple of times this month. Anabelle just adores her.

For science Anabelle made salt dough in two different colors. She used the dough to assimilate the three different movements of the earth's plates (didn't get a photo of that.)

She loves making stuff!

And then she played with the dough the rest of the day! She made cakes, donuts, and pastries. Then we had to pretend to eat them!

The next day for science, she was supposed to form the dough she made around a bottle to make a volcano. She didn't want to use all the dough, so it turned out to be a tall and slim volcano. LOL. We had fun mixing baking soda and vinegar inside the bottle to make the volcano "blow"!

The aftermath of the volcano explosions...

We babysat Coco a lot this month.

We got her toys and a leash that stay here, and she gets to use them when she comes over. Yes, she is spoiled!

Justin helped make a dragon for an upcoming fun event at the park in September!

All for now!

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