Thursday, August 7, 2014

Goodbye July, Hello August

Our garden has majorly dwindled. I don't know if I will be taking anymore pics of it... But we have been enjoying more beefsteak tomatoes! Still waiting for the one and only habanero to turn orange... there really isn't anything else to report on sadly.

Next week starts our 2nd year of homeschool!

Pics I've taken lately...

We puppy-sit my BIL's dog occasionally. She just loves the kids and sat next to Anabelle as she painted her horses.

Anabelle made a piggy bank with paper mache and a plastic bottle. She loves to make stuff!

While her brother was in San Diego with his best friend from Colorado, Anabelle and I had a girl's day! We went to Starbucks and did a little household shopping at Target. I allowed her to try one of the new Fizzio's at Starbucks. We stopped drinking soda 2 years ago so they still want it sometimes. She had their ginger-ale and it was pretty tasty.

We played Monopoly with LEGO minifigs. Justin lost first so he put houses and hotels on the non-properties waiting for Anabelle and I to finish. I won. :-D

Still working on "Her Sampler." I'm now doing the eyelet stitch. One eyelet is 16 stitches total. It's not a difficult stitch, but you have to pay close attention not to miss one of the 16 stitches.

I've started another cross stitch pattern that I just got via the Prim Stitchers Society group on Facebook. Feel free to join if you love primitive cross stitch! A lot of prim designers are on there and post freebies occasionally.


Randa said...

Look at that bank! Way to go Miss A!

She looks so grown up sitting there at starbucks!

Your stitches look amazing! How come there are certain letters missing? Did I miss reading that somewhere?lol

How was your visit? Prayed for ya all weekend!

Blessings in the Country said...

Thanks Randa! She painted it pink, but I haven't gotten a picture yet. :)

I didn't notice the missing letters until after I started stitching. There's no explanation that I can find. My best guess is that the original stitcher, back in 1800-whatever, didn't have room for them all. This kind of sampler is a sampling of 3 different stitches. Perhaps to prove what a good wife she'd be... *shrugs* lol

They are leaving today. I haven't slept well the past few days. It will be nice when it's *just us* again.