Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Whatcha Workin' On Wed?

I started Blackbird Design's May SAL today. This pattern has some new to me stitches, so this will be fun. LOL. Last night I tea dyed this 28ct evenweave that I bought at Joann's. My cross stitch fabric stash is pretty much non-existant these days. I mostly just have pieces for smalls.

I cut out a ton of strawberries, but had to stop production when I ran out of filler. These are so cute! There are tons of tuts online for them.

We've been picking pie pumpkins! They are a bit early, but we don't mind. Hello roasted pumpkin!

We've got a couple of white pumpkins really coming in now. Hope they make it, whites are our favorite!

The pie pumpkins are still producing. This is the biggest one yet, still not as big as a carving pumpkin.

We've also got a baby boo pumpkin plant growing! This is the mystery squash we were wondering about. I was thinking of planting some but thought it might be too late. The seed must have come from the compost we buried in this spot by the tomatoes!

My sweet Bailey. He truly is the sweetest dog ever!

In other news...

- It's very hot.

- We've been swimming almost every day.

- Our sweet bunny Clover passed away. :(

- We're trying to buy a couple of used cars that we can drive out to CO.

- We had to get a new washer. It's awesome. And quiet.

- I finally got a new laptop. It's awesome too.

- More garden updates coming soon.

- Lots been going on and I just haven't felt like blogging, though I have been reading everyone else's!

- My current favorite song is Oceans by Hillsong.

Have a blessed day!

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Randa said...

The strawberries are adorable! The pumpkins are amazing! So darn exciting!

Yay about the cars! Praying about that! Yay about the washer and the laptop!

So sorry about Clover!

p.s. You are awesome!