Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 26 TUSAL

I started the 2nd alpha with the "four sided stitch". It's not complicated, but it takes twice as long for each stitch and uses up a lot of thread. I can sometimes get one and half letters done, then I run out of floss. This stitch is also not easy to keep accurate unless you are stitching in a straight line. I noticed on the back that it makes a "cross stitch", I thought that was neat! Even though this stitch has some peeves, I still find it fun to do. I also enjoy learning new things!

All about TUSALs and ORts.

Blackbird Designs: Her Sampler.


Randa said...

I love seeing what you are stitching! Looks lovely!

Holly said...

Looks great! Not sure I would have the patience to do it. Love the colors. Have a happy day!