Sunday, June 22, 2014

Garden Update 1

This is most of our garden space. We'll start all the way at the far end.

This volunteer cherry tomato (on the left) had to be trimmed up today. It was trying to fall over, it was so big and bushy. Gary's beefsteak tomato is on the right of the cherry tomato. And in front there is a volunteer squash. We aren't sure what variety it is yet.

The volunteer cherry is loaded with tomatoes, we are constantly harvesting from it!

A female flower on the volunteer squash. It's so pretty!

Gary has a beefsteak tomato growing finally! He's been antsy for it to start growing something since we planted it, he has plans to make luscious BLTs when harvest time comes.

The columbines that the kids got me for my birthday are starting to bloom again. They weren't doing so well when I put them into the ground, but thankfully they have bounced back!

We aren't sure what this is. It was growing in the ground next to the above cherry tomato early in spring. I potted it up and hoped we could figure out what it was. When it was in the ground, its seed was above ground and looked about the size of a pecan. I never got a photo of the seed. There are wild parrots around here, and we suspect that perhaps they dropped a seed into the yard, because nothing like that was there before this tree grew.

In this area we have spaghetti squash, pattypan squash and cucumbers.

Our first spaghetti squash.

This cucumber popped up overnight. And I found another cucumber starting down the vine. Homegrown cucumbers taste amazing!

These are Anabelle's strawberry plants. She's been able to harvest a few strawberries. We keep them covered with food tents because the birds go after the berries.

In between the strawberries and potatoes these little sweeties popped up! Anabelle planted a bunch of flower seeds, but because it's so hot out here, it's hard to keep seeds wet enough to germinate in the ground. These little ones made it!

Justin's potatoes. I think he started red and yellow organic potatoes.

These are white pumpkins grown from seed.

Above the white pumpkins is our neighbor's orange tree. These make great OJ. (Our neighbor also shares grapefruits and tangelos with us.)

This is our pumpkin patch. We planted seeds from carving pumpkins and pie pumpkins. But it seems like maybe only pie pumpkins are growing? lol.

We also have some bell peppers and habanero plants. And the pot is green onions I planted from kitchen scraps.

These are three more volunteer cherry tomato plants. They don't get much sun, so I don't know why they grow here. The larger one on the right (which blends in with the tree behind it) produces a decent amount of fruit, but the two smaller plants don't. (This planter has issues and is always wet.) I put a lot of manure and worm castings in the planter and it has helped the plants not look so pitiful anymore.

These are my grandmother's aloe plants. They really help out our sunburns and I hope to make some homemade natural products that I have recipes for.

A baby lizard that would *not* get off this chair. There are lizards of all sizes around here. They are great for eating bugs in the garden. :)

(The fences and pieces of wood strewn throughout our garden are to deter our dog from jumping up into the planters. Before we put plants in, he would jump up into them and sometimes dig.)

I added lots of pictures to our albums. I was very behind! One album is just for Legoland, I took way too many pics there, but it was fun!


Randa said...

Holy crows Lady! You guys have been busy!
The oranges look amazing! I can't believe how many pumpkins y'all have! I'm excited to see how the potatoes come out! I want to plant some next year! This year we dealt with snow, and late frosts, etc.
Your cucumber makes me so happy! That is a weird statement. lol but I am anxiously awaiting ours to grow! We finally are getting there, and have buds and stuff on some of our plants!

I hope G's tomato turns soon so you can have your BLTs! lol

Thanks for sharing your garden! I can't wait til next week to see how it is growing!

(gardens are so exciting, they change constantly!)

Jaana said...

Long time no *see*, but here I am again! :)

Your garden space looks great! I bet all those tomatoes and whatnot grow juicy under all your sunshine, there must be a huge difference to the greenhouse grown overhere.

Our Columbines at the house were just about to bloom last weekend, I will have to take some photos for you when the flowers open. I always think of you when I see them now. :)

That lizard... <3 <3 <3

Parsley said...

Found you via the prim stitchers facebook group. HELLO!