Saturday, June 21, 2014

Around the House

Anabelle likes to bring home nature from the park.

Anabelle's horses that she is still working on painting. She got these at Christmas.

Justin decided his LEGO figures looked better in the living room than his bedroom.

Finished these most recently. I just love bunnies!

Hubby found this for me at a gas station. Grumpy Cat Grumpaccino! We thought it was just too funny! (photos taken by Justin.)

On the back...

It didn't taste bad, but Starbucks is better. :-p

1 comment:

Randa said...

lol Grumpy Cat coffee? Wow. They really are slapping that thing all over aren't they?

Hey Legos add to any decor don't they? lol Aly would be completely jealous to see that he has the Lego Movie ones! She's been eyeing them for a bit now!

Awww! Your trust sign is adorable! lol Wonder where you got that?!?! haha

Ana's Horses are looking good!