Thursday, April 17, 2014

The last of March

Schooling out on the patio.

There are lots of these parrots around. They are noisy and sound worse than screeching tires. LOL.

My darling daughter had some trouble with the Parmesan cheese...

Columbines for my birthday! They are the Colorado state flower.

My free bday drink!

Anabelle wanted a picture of her pumpkin before it went out for compost. This pumpkin has lived in her room since we got it in October. She loved it and played with it until it got soft. On March 30th, her sweet pumpkin friend went to pumpkin heaven. ;) It was cut up and put into the garden bed. We saved the seeds to grow more and to feed the squirrels.

I haven't had much access to internet in the last two weeks. I refilled my wifi account but it took them two weeks to let me use it! After my second *not so happy* support ticket to the company, they finally fixed it today. That was the last time they will be getting our money. Hopefully we can get something better soon. I've been catching up on everyone's blog posts, but not leaving notes. Someday I'll have more time and better access to internet! :-p


Randa said...

The parrots would freak me out. lol Darn scary birds. ;)

Aly used to eat everything as a side to that much Parmesan.

The flowers are beautiful, and yay for a free drink! Especially coffee! lol

Jessica said...

All the birds here are noisy, especially at 5:30 in the morning! I often wake up with headaches. :-/

Anabelle used to eat everything to a side of ketchup!

Jaana said...

Looking forward to our Columbines to bloom! I moved them to another location last summer, hope they have survived the winter. I did notice last weekend that something in their spot was pushing out of the soil. :)

Those parrots are such an exotic sight to me! :)