Friday, April 18, 2014

Having Fun

Our little Clover in the clover.

She loves being in the garden bed. She digs in the dirt and takes a dust bath. It's so cute!

We are currently planting vegetables in the bed and turning over the clover for organic compost. I plan to leave a little patch for her to lay in and nibble on.

The kids wanted to make paper mache eggs for Easter. This was their first time playing with paper mache.

They both thought it was quite messy. They were supposed to paint the eggs too, but only Anabelle has started that and I doubt they will be done in time for Easter. Oh well! They had fun with it.

We got some chalk at the dollar store.

It's great for fun and for learning!

The pool is slowly warming up. It is still pretty chilly, but not icy cold anymore.

We tried schooling outside in the front yard, but it was a little too bright. (The lawn is in dire need of mowing! Our "lawn guy" has been gone for two months and took the mower with him.)

And because *that's how we roll*, here's a bunny with a pancake on her head. :-D


Ronda said...

Isn't this just the best time of the year! Love how you roll! New follower from Prim Stitchers Society on Facebook..have a great day! ~ronda

Jessica said...

Hi Ronda, welcome! I will have to check out your blog too. :)

Jaana said...

I *heart* Clover! LOL at the pancake, had to google what that was all about. :D