Friday, March 7, 2014


I stitched Justin a "LadyMoon" and will finish it in a little pillow ornament for him.

I was preparing to start a blackwork sampler, but I just magically lost my black floss! I keep looking for it, but now I guess I should go to Joann's to get more. I don't need to buy more black floss. I have plenty! I just don't know where it is!


Randa said...

Hoping you will find it! It's usually in the most obvious place around here, although I'm having memory problems, so everything is in the most obvious place lately. lol
Seriously though? I forgot how to spell my own last name of 13.5 years the other day. And I have no clue why. It took me a few minutes and I finally had to ask Aly before my memory was jogged. She looked at me like I was nuts. lol

p.s. thank you for the thank you card! It added a bright spot that I desperately needed.

Jessica said...

LOL I'm the same way. Weird thing is I could have sworn I saw it the day before, and now it's gone. So where'd I put it??!!

((sends hugs))