Monday, February 3, 2014

Stitching & Banana Chip Muffins

I pulled out an old pattern I have (I have lots! Who doesn't? LOL)

"COUNTRY STITCHERIES" By Sue Allemand (2002)

I first did the chicken, cuz I like chickens. I omitted the "welcome" that is stitched on the original pattern, as I don't like an over abundance of "welcome" things in my house.

Then later I decided I should make the other two patterns as well, a sunflower and a pineapple. I chose to color them in with coloring pencils (the chicken is colored too!) I plan to make another set without the coloring.

All three are finished with coffee staining and rusty safety pins (to attach the homespun). The chicken is the only one I added a little bit of cinnamon to when coffee staining.


I stuffed these snowman pillow ornaments with fabric scraps. They were made to go on our Christmas tree, but I procrastinated about stuffing...


In the kitchen we made banana chip muffins. They tasted awesome warm out of the oven!

I used Bob's Red Mill stone ground wheat flour and some quinoa flour. Nobody noticed that I used coconut sugar in place of organic sugar.


Our homeschool group is going to have a Valentine exchange so Sidekick and I will be making some Valentines. No store bought Valentines for us!

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Katy said...

Oh I love the chicken one!!! Super cute!! :)