Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day!

I gave the kids their Valentines this morning, they also had some to give us that they made. We did some online schooling at the library till lunchtime. Picked Grams some pink Gerbera Daisies for our visit. Came home and cleaned up some of her flower beds. And had homemade chocolate pudding and homemade marshmallows (with strawberry juice) for dessert.

I'm not a big fan of hearts for decorating. Cutesy country decorating ruined hearts, teddy bears, doilies, etc for me and many others. In fact I've never been big on hearts even for V-day, I probably only have a handful of V-day decorations. My kids love V-day, thanks to yearly classroom Valentine parties, but mommy didn't like decorating for it. Which is interesting since I love to decorate for all the other holidays... I just had such an aversion to hearts! Keep them things away from me!

This year I have been feeling a little different.

I had the urge to cut out paper hearts from a book I got at a thrift store. The book was a very boring read, so I don't feel bad ripping out it's pages for crafting purposes. Cookie cutters come in handy to trace patterns. (I am not skilled in cutting out hearts freehand.)

This hangs in my work area. It's slightly stuffed under the center heart to give it a little weight for hanging.

I made these little stuffed heart bowl fillers. I'm amazed I managed to get them finished before today. I've never tried to make hearts before, boy were they a challenge! One of these was hand sewn, the rest are machine stitched. Sewing these on the machine was the challenge. I need more practice I guess!

Our homeschool group had a Valentine exchange on Monday. Anabelle made all of the Valentine cards! I cut out lots of hearts on red card-stock for her and she did the rest. She had a blast!

What we planned to give out, we couldn't find, so that was a bummer. Thankfully we found some cute silly straws instead. (I'm not comfortable handing out non-organic sweets. Sadly it's slim pickings for that stuff around here.)

Anabelle also decorated a box (both sides of course!) to collect her Valentines in at homeschool park day.

The kids had fun handing out Valentines and seeing what they got!

And lastly I leave you with: Watercolor Hearts by Anabelle.


Randa said...

We didn't do Valentine's in any way, shape or form this year. And I'm okay with that. I'm almost thinking I may quit holidays and celebrations all together from now on. It's a lot less stressful if you don't worry about stuff like that.

I am a gloom cookie tonight, sorry! I will text you tomorrow to answer your text! It would be long and involve tears tonight, so I am praying it will be better tomorrow.
<3 ya!
Congrats on your good news from yesterday!!

Jessica said...

I SO wanted to quickly send something to you for a late vday thing, but it didn't work out... I feel bad about that.