Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Thursday

I've been wanting to blog, but just don't have the time! My internet is very limited. I finally got pictures uploaded to our albums. There is a page in my sidebar that has links to our photo albums. Or click HERE. There are two albums for February. One is "finding the beauty" ~ I was encouraged by a friend's blog to find the beauty here, it's easy to miss it here, especially since we don't want to be here.

What are these flowers called? I don't know why I always forget their name!

We went to the beach finally! In February LOL. The water was cold, but the kids ended up going in to play with the waves. We saw some sea life in the tide pools. The tide was in so we didn't have much to see, but we still had fun! It was a fun family time and field trip. Love that benefit to homeschooling.

Gram's is the same. She seemed more normal yesterday. We were watching AFV (funny videos) on TV and for once she was actually laughing and reacting to some of the videos. Usually it seemed like she put up with watching it because the kids like it. She also got a new bed frame yesterday. The old one had to be hand cranked to go up or down, with the new one you just press a button.

We finally got some rain last night/early this morning! It's sunny now, but I believe it is going to rain some more this weekend. It's a nice break from the heat.

Hope you have a great day!


Randa said...

are they Geraniums?

did ya guys end up getting more rain than what we discussed the other day?

Jessica said...

Yes! I don't know why I can never remember that! They are all over because they are so hardy.

I'm not sure how much rain we got, but we did get a little concerned about the water coming up to the sliding door and into the house. There are drains and a sump pump(?) for the back yard. It took awhile for the pump to catch up and drain it off the patio.