Thursday, December 15, 2011

Secret Santa Sock Swap

Over at the Prim Pals forum, I signed up for the Secret Santa Sock Swap. Kookie made all the stockings and sent them out to all the participants to fill. I was Secret Santa to Cyndy at Crafty Stitchers, she got her stocking from me on Monday. Yesterday I got my stocking and found out that my Secret Santa is TammyR!

Thank you Tammy for the wonderful things you sent in my stocking!

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You can see what I sent Cyndy HERE.

Twinkle. I just love his big eyes. I think they get bigger just for the camera flash. lol. He was intently sniffing the Christmas lights, and the box Tammy sent and all of the things Tammy sent in the box. I've never seen him sniff stuff so much. Silly cat.

Do you spot the guilty doggy? I know when she's done something bad, because she does this peeking around the corner thing when I'm at the computer. Or she'll go under the couch. She's mastered the art of running and sliding under the couch, it's pretty funny. The funniest part though is that she knows when she's done something she shouldn't, but went ahead and did it anyway. *sigh* kids, they are all alike!

That's her bed with a blanket on it to the left in the hallway. I decided to not let any animals sleep in our room for now. Justin's cat is a magnet to me lately. Always has to sleep on top of me. If I roll over and push her off, she gets right back on. She hates Nutmeg so if the dog is also on the bed, I risk a fight breaking out if I try to move the cat and she lands anywhere near the dog. And Twinkle, well I already told ya'll how his favorite time for attention is 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 in the morning. I just want to sleep! LOL


Kendra said...

Aren't they so obvious when they are guilty?! CJ has a bread obsession and if I accidently leave some on the counter and leave he will eat it and then he will not greet me at the door when I get home. Can you say BUSTED!!! You need to check out this video, you will so relate to it!

Shirlee Hill said...

Nice swap goodies ... I love stockings : ) And cute furries as well : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Karen Shaw said...

What Fab Swaps! The furries do it for me though!
Have a lovely weekend,

Mary said...

what would life be like without our silly pets?? I love those wide kitty eyes.

jennifer said...

What fun our furbabies bring to our lives.Great swap goodies!Hugs,Jen

Cindy said...

Love the photo of your little doggie peeking around the corner...too cute!! Got to love our furry kids.

Angie Berry said...

Secret Santa? How fun that would be! You received some fun goodies!

Yep, my furry baby is just as bad as the kids sometimes or maybe even worse. My miniature schnauzer is always on my heels. I've stepped on him quite a few times because he gets right under my feet but never leaves so I guess it doesn't hurt him too bad. But... most of the time he is hiding from the kids and knows that I will protect him, haha!