Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I have put all of our pictures on Facebook and Picasa. I prefer and love Picasa, but I am not happy with Google forcing Picasa into Google+, and their redirecting. Makes it harder for me to share photos with a link that actually works.

EDIT: I decided a Page would work better so I can keep the albums from having to be labeled "public on the web."

I haven't been able to blog much this year and share pictures, so if you're interested, you can still see what we were up to during 2013. :)

CLICK HERE or find the link in my sidebar under Pages.


Randa said...

I was able to see them! :)

*start of rant about google and all the other companies out there*
I'm tired of every company trying to force me into social media-ing them. I don't want to like them on Facebook. I don't want to follow them on twitter and instagram, and I sure as heck don't want to see what they are pinning! Just leave me be Companies, and stop trying to be all up in my business. *semi end of rant*

And you know me, I'm always interested in seeing what you guys are up to! I'm a creeper like that! ;) lol

Jessica said...

I feel the same way Randa!