Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jan 30 TUSAL

My January 30 TUSAL.

I found a better container for my ORTs. The plastic cup is still filled, but I will be using it soon for stuffing so I figured I would start the new jar with new ORTs.

I stitched these shamrocks, then coffee stained the fabric. The pattern is free HERE.

I also stitched this Valentine, but coffee stained the fabric first. The pattern is free HERE.

I will probably turn both into pillow tucks.

Happy stitching!


Holly said...

I love those! I've always thought about trying to learn to cross stitch but never have been brave enough. These are so cute. Great job!

Danice said...

Those are both too cute! You did a great job stitching them also. I am still a beginner at cross stitching :)

Randa said...

Super cute toots! I love the shamrocks one!