Wednesday, January 15, 2014


It is hot today. I've been wanting to coffee stain some things I've made, but there was no sun or it was too windy. Today it's too hot! Perfect day for dirtying up some handmades.

I hope they turn out nice!

We're headed to the store and then to see Gram's, but we're waiting until it cools down first. The air conditioner is broken in the car again. *sad face*


Holly said...

Wow! You can send some of that heat this way. It's in the 20's! Love your creations.

Barb said...

Hi Jessica,
It has been awhile since I was on your blog to see what you are up to.
Love your cross stitch. Even looked through some of your photos from Christmas and past.
Thanks for your help on the high altitude of the batches of cookies with the changes even worked out!! (My new bible on how to bake.)
Enjoy your day,

willa croft said...

Jessica, your primed up pears look great!

Thanks for stopping by my place.


Kath said...

I hope they turn out nice too, Jessica! I am inviting you to visit me here

Randa said...

lol I need to have my eyes checked, at first I thought you had potatoes on the tray, and I was like, wow it is hot out there. lol Once I LOOKED, I seen pears! Which are adorable!

Jessica said...

I thought they looked like potatoes too! lol

Varla Lee said...

Hey Jessica, thanks so much for your kind comment and visit to my blog.
There's not even winter in Costa Rica, where I was born. So I don't love winter anyway i'm just "living together" peacefully with this. ^_^
God bless you!

Varla Lee said...

I forgot to say you that i like too much your blog and i'm following too. See your next post ^_^