Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Tree

We had a good Christmas with both of our families. The kids got some of the things they have been wanting.

Here are some pics of ornaments we made. We ended up not having much time to make ornaments after all. We seem to not have a lot of time at "home" to do much of anything.

The little candy cane is one Anabelle made from homemade baking soda clay and then painted on the red stripes. The Silent Night ornament I made last year and is actually a gift to someone, someday I will mail them to that person...

I made this snowman head from the baking soda clay. I painted the nose and used a sharpie for the eyes and mouth.

A little gingerbread from the b.s. clay that Anabelle made and then painted.

A heart made from b.s. clay that Anabelle made and then painted.

Anabelle made the "tree shaped" ornament from popsicle sticks and wrapping paper. Big candy cane is from the dollar store. I found a small cow bell to add to the tree, it's a little hard to see it well in this pic. I love those kinds of bells.

I wrapped most of the dollar store candy canes in fabric.

One of the rag balls I made years ago.

Another tree (triangle) ornament that Anabelle made, this time with glitter and popsicle sticks. And another candy cane from the d.s. wrapped in fabric. Anabelle made a bunch of popsicle stick snowflakes that she glittered up, but they didn't get onto the tree until after these pics.

The other ornament I made to send to someone last year. I'm so good at procrastinating!

I found this ornament while looking around the house for Christmas decorations.

We bought this star topper at the 99 cent store.

I agreed to allow tinsel this year. I won't be doing that again!

We found these pine branches and pinecones at the park.

Bailey sleeping by the tree.

The tree lit up.

The ornaments I'd made in years past were in one of the craft boxes hubby managed to bring out here from our storage unit in Colorado. We didn't have any of our usual decorations, but we also didn't think we'd be out here for Christmas still. The kids and I tried decorating with paper chains made from wrapping paper, but most of them wouldn't stay up. I made a wreath for the front door using some of the branches we found at the park. My grams only has a few decorations, she really didn't do much for the different holidays so there wasn't much here to work with. We still had a good Christmas and that's all that matters!


Holly said...

Your tree looks good and those ornaments are precious. The fact that they were made by those sweet little hands makes them all the more special. Glad you had a great Christmas!

Randa said...

Your tree looked awesome!:) I'm sorry you are having to do without the things you usually have at this time of year. It's hard to start over without your special ornaments and little Christmas knick knacks that become part of the traditions.
At least you guys were able to forge some new memories for this year! And who knows which ones that ya did this year will stick around till next year!
Although I still love tinsel in my ever Christmas loving heart, I also hate it with the passion of a thousand suns now that I'm the one in charge of cleaning it all up!
(i'm really hoping this is making sense, I have a huge headache, and star wars is blaring in the background and the kids are being exceptionally loud right this moment. LOL)