Monday, December 9, 2013

December already

I can't believe it's December and that we're still not back in Colorado. Oh do I miss it. It's been tough living without our belongings and our sweet kitties. Thankful to have our dog and bunny with us though. It's not easy living in someone else's house with someone else's stuff. Our son is having difficult times with being out here too. He misses his friends and school so much. He does stay in contact with his friends, but it's not the same. I know how he feels, I miss my friends too!

My grandmother is still kicking. She has her ups and downs. She's also back to not eating much lately. There's so much I wish I could just sit and talk about, I have so many stories, but I won't. Tonight she was very itchy again. It was back breaking trying to roll her over with one arm and scratching her back with my other hand. No amount of helping her to scratch seems to alleviate the feeling for her. :\ She was taking anti-itch pills, but I guess they don't work anymore. She always thanks us for coming to visit, even if we don't talk much. There isn't a lot to talk about since we see her almost daily. We've started taking one or two days off a week... as a family, we need the breaks. I am thankful to get to spend this time with her, and that she gets to see the kids.

I love homeschooling the kids. Sometimes it's overwhelming and frustrating. Sometimes it's fun and rewarding. But it's always a blessing. I like our homeschool group. All of the families are quite different, which I wasn't really expecting, but they are all great in their own ways.

We don't have anything Christmasy here. So we went to the dollar store and got a few supplies to make things. We're making paper chains from wrapping paper and plastic candy canes covered in fabric. I found flour and baking soda at the DS for making ornaments (no, we don't have a tree yet). I made baking soda/cornstarch "dough" today. The kids had fun cutting out ornaments from the dough and using some to sculpt with. Next will be salt dough, doctored up to make gingers. I saved lots of crafting ingredients from grams pantry when we moved in here. Everything else food related got the boot, as it was all pretty old.

I have not forgotten about my PIFs. I've had two packages sitting here since October/November, waiting to be mailed. Hubby still has not been able to get a job, it is so disheartening. Only by the grace of God do we survive out here. I do get some help with money, but it doesn't come consistently which makes things hard. Most of it goes to gas and food and keeping the kids educated. Spending a few bucks at the dollar store was a luxury! Of course later I felt bad, because we didn't use the money for something we actually needed. But gosh, it's Christmas time and we want it to look Christmasy! Trying to stay out of depression's grip here...

A few pics...

The view from my great uncle's 80th birthday party in Modjeska Canyon. This is their friend's property. They have horses, llamas, a goat, and a variety of dogs. Anabelle loved it there. ;) Grams got to go too! She had been out a couple of times in a wheelchair before the day of the party (what a blessing!) So we had some help and got her dressed up nice and up to the party (around the corner from where she lives.) She didn't stay too long, but it was awesome that she got to go at all!

Visiting Tri-city park. I have photos of Justin when he was three feeding ducks here. And photos of both kids feeding ducks here when Anabelle was two or three. Hubby and I used to come here before we even had kids. Be careful of the geese, they are MEAN, always have been, no pics of them LOL. (Not the Canadian variety.)