Sunday, June 30, 2013

Moving & Prayers Needed

We have to move out of our rental house. Today is supposed to be our last day, however we need a couple more days to finish up. Most everything we own is in storage now. Thanks to some wonderful friends for all their help, it was a big chore.

Nutmeg went to a new home with a friend and her two kids. It was sad to let her go, lots of tears have been shed. Nutmeg just turned 3 yrs old and will be easier to transition into a new home than our other pets. (I hope!)

We do not have a new place to live yet. So I guess we are homeless. My husband has been trying to get us into an apartment but hasn't had any luck yet. There are currently no homes for rent that fit our family. A couple of neighbors have offered to let us stay a few days if we need to.

The kids and I are going to California for awhile. Please pray for my Grandma, she is not doing well, we are going out to see her. Gary is staying here to work and try to find us a place to live. We'll be boarding our dog and cats, and hoping a friend can take care of our rabbit and lone fish.

Please pray for our family, it's been an extremely rough couple of weeks, and we need a roof over heads.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

OFG Giveaway Win

I was the winning comment for the Old Farmhouse Gathering blog's 2013 Americana Challenge!

Lucy at The Farmer's Attic made these Americana stars, I love them and they even smell wonderful!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PIF Received!

Tammy at Three Small Fry Primitives sent me some ornaments for "Pay It Forward."

They came lovingly packaged.

Aren't they cute! I can't wait to decorate our Christmas tree this year with them. :-D

Thank you Tammy! They are wonderful!