Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunny Sunday

We've had two sunny NICE days in a row! Welcome Spring! I have missed you so much!

I jinxed us by talking about spring snow in my previous post. Winter was jealous and decided to stick around longer.

Anabelle loves dressing up in her cowgirl clothes. She wore this outfit to school last week... She's holding her lamps (glow sticks).

Making kites with her friends.

My sweet friend found this skirt for me at the thrift store, isn't it beautiful!

I love brewing tea in the sun. Justin chose tangerine-orange (big red jar). Anabelle chose sugar plum (small red jar.) I like to keep regular ole Lipton (or Luzianne) for all of us to drink.


Salmon Falls Prims is having a giveaway for this wonderful patriotic sign!

Click the picture and go enter yourself in the drawing!