Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Fotos

My son Justin is playing basketball again this year for 6th grade. He really likes the coach this year. Coach is actually a director at our rec center, but nobody was volunteering to coach my son's team, so he stepped in. I'm glad he did, he is great! (Sorry no pic of him. lol.) Justin is the one with the glasses and his arm in front of the Ref.

Bailey laying under a chair, not sure he was very comfortable though!

Anabelle loves to cuddle Twinkle. He's our purry sweetheart.

This is The Little Old Schoolhouse. (Click the link, scroll down, and you can read its history.) It sits in the middle of the bus circle at our elementary school. I love that it has been cared for and appreciated all these years!

Walking home from school... I love our pretty Colorado skies!

The snow melts quickly lately.

Clover loves her noms. Recently she decided she loves carrots!

... catching up on sharing and posting. This old laptop kicks us off the connection frequently or sits and won't load much of anything. Just glad it works still!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Great Stuff in the Mail

I was lucky enough to be included in Carol's last giveaway! Look at what she sent me!

I do not know about this framed piece yet. I have never seen one before!

Looking for a good way to display this sweet bonnet. I need a peg rack!

A bag of fixins.

I put some of the fixins in my little wood box. Found a star in there, my favorite!

Thank you Carol!!


I won an awesome giveaway of TWO gallons of Chaffin Family Orchards award winning olive oil! They have an amazing farm and sell wonderful high quality products!

I will be blessing another family with one of the gallons. I hope they love it as much as I do!

Thank you Chris! Check out Chris' story here!

Have a blessed day!