Thursday, August 29, 2013

Checking in

We're in California currently. Everything we own is being stored in Colorado. Our cats are staying with a friend of the family. Our doggy (Bailey) and bunny are with us for now.

Nutmeg (our pom-chi) loves her new home with friends in Colorado. It's been hard not having her around anymore, but she's so young and has easily adapted into her knew home. She has two kids to love and a new human mommy.

Not sure when we will return to CO but that is where we want to be. Justin and Anabelle's birthdays are coming up soon too!

We came out here for three weeks on July 3rd. My grams was in the hospital and was doing poorly, everyone thought it was the end. She is out of the hospital and we visit her almost daily (we occasionally miss a day a couple times a month.) She's not living at home, but in a home for older folks who can't live on their own anymore. Not a large facility, she refused to be in one of those and I don't blame her. We are staying at her home. Hubby is planning to get a job. I will be homeschooling the kids.

We don't have internet at the house. Trying to get it there, but don't know when that will happen. Everyone wants a year or two long contract, and I will not sign up for those because they aren't in CO so I can't take the service with us when we go back home. We need internet for homeschooling, so we haven't been able to fully dive into that yet.

It's really hot here. Grams house has a pool so the kids will swim most days. Gary and I also go in here and there, but the kids enjoy it the most.

We were treated to a trip to Disneyland this past Sunday. The kids had lots of fun. Didn't make it on all the rides and we didn't make it over to California Adventure either. But we still enjoyed ourselves. I can't believe how expensive it is to go there anymore. (I think the worst is the overpriced food! Yuck! You'd think it would taste better at those prices.)

I have been taking pictures. But my old laptop is hard to lug around to the library. The monitor has to have something behind it to hold it up, and it's rare that I can find an open spot to use it.

So much more to say, but not the time to say it. lol.

Please be praying for our family and for my grandma. Gram's quality of life is difficult for her. Even though it would mean we've lost her here on earth, I just wish God would take her home with Him. I would not want to live this way when the time comes. It's hard to see her so miserable. (She's thankfully not dealing with much physical pain, but everything that has lead her here is a different story.)