Friday, May 3, 2013

Great Pyrenees Confessions

My name is Bailey and I really, really, really hate the UPS truck.

They drive around all day in my neighborhood... all big and loud. Drives me crazy.


Trace4J said...

Oh Bailey you sweetie are not alone.
Neither does my Piper Girl.
Have a great weekend.
Woolie Joy

acorn hollow said...

It sounds like it is an all day job in your neigborhood.

Randa said...

I hate the UPS truck too. ;) He never brings me anything! I suppose he would if I ever ordered

Jessica said...

Even when it's all the way across the street at the high school, Bailey goes nuts! When he's inside, he knows when it goes by, I call it the glub-glub truck. They have their own special sound as they drive around.

I don't like the UPS truck either. Yesterday they came to my house with a BIG box (I thought Bailey was going to break thru the window!), he even carried it up to our front door. I was not expecting anything... turns out it was for our neighbor. What a bummer. LOL!