Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Happy Spring!

I'm so glad spring is here! It can still snow through May, but at least it doesn't turn into ice anymore with the temps rising.

Hopefully soon we'll be getting some veggies going. So far we want to plant carrots, tomatoes and parsley. Justin wants to plant watermelon or corn, I said we could try, we haven't had luck with watermelon before, and we haven't tried corn yet.

Twinkle is sitting next to me purring and nudging my hand. Someone wants attention.

Short post. Using my son's MacBook which I am not used to, but it's the only one that is getting the wifi signal from the school, which comes and goes as it pleases. I can't use Facebook and it blocks a lot of other sites. The HP laptop has issues and refuses to work properly. Gosh I miss our own internet! lol

I am off to school for my hour of volunteering today. Yesterday the kids were pretty good. Lately they seem to be bouncing off the walls and being a bit difficult to handle. Hoping today they are sweet little angels! (hahaha)