Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Morning

LadyMoon is a cover stealer.

And a bed hogger.


Jenn said...

Wanted to leave you a quick comment and let you know that you won the Let It Go book giveaway at my blog, The Purposeful Mom! Please email me at thepurposefulmom at live dot com within 48 hours and we'll get your book to you asap. Thanks and have a blessed Christmas season!

Raymond Homestead said...

Ahhh, love the kitty and doggy pictures!

Jaana said...

I've been reading your old posts and catching up. :)

Your furkids seem to know how to relax. ;)

Enjoyed seeing your Christmas decos, and LOL at the muffins. :D

How neat that Anabelle loves posing for you, she was so cute in her outfit. :)

I would have enjoyed that nature and science museum so much!

I hope your diet is going well. I should set it as my goal for next to year to eat only healthy, non-processed food, and in general learning to eat properly, not just snacking throughout the day. But we'll see. I like sweets and junk food too much. :P

Merry Christmas, Jessica & co.!