Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas! The kids were spoiled big time! A lot of thanks go out to local programs and "mystery" people who helped make this Christmas amazing for our family! We are truly blessed!

The kids are ready to open their stockings.

The kids used the oven mits again, but after the first two presents we put them away. lol.

Santa made Nutmeg an elf for Christmas!

Anabelle now has her very own 3DS!

Justin was super excited to see he'd gotten the two gifts he's been asking for for months! A video game and a Wii points card.

Anabelle was super excited about her new LPS kittens. This girl loves horses and cats!

We got the kids robes, pajama pants, and slippers. They loved them! (And wore them for two straight days. LOL)

Justin, you are WAY too young for beer young man!

Inside the box was Air Jordan shoes, not beer! (Thanks D. Dee!)

The kids also got bikes! But I videotaped them getting their bikes instead of taking pictures. Oh well!

Justin helping Anabelle with her very own girly LEGO set!

Anabelle and Bailey dog.

Justin helping set up Anabelle's 3DS, cuz the parents don't know anything about that. *wink*

Justin building his new LEGO sets.

Hubby gave me my favorite local calendar! It has photos taken in our mountain communities. The cover photo was from when someone made a huge fish out of snow on the lake. It was quite funny to drive by and see this guy last winter!

Hubby also gave me my very own mp3 player! I've never had one before. I'm way behind the times, but I like it that way. *wink*

Hubby also got me a CD player/radio but it skips every song on the CDs we tried, even a new one... so we have to return it. My old CD player isn't that old, but it skips CDs terribly and I'm pretty sure it's possessed by evil, so I've been wanting another one. I love listening to music at home during the day.

We had a wonderful Christmas! The kids were even good to each other and got along for most of the day! (That is a true Christmas miracle, by the way!) We also had a white Christmas, but no pics of that, we stayed inside for most of it. :)

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