Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Catch Up

The kids got to meet a reindeer at church!

Anabelle's class had a winter party and they got to wear their pajamas all day! They made snowflakes, paper lanterns, ice cream, played bingo and pictionary, and had lots of snacks.

Twinkle loves to be under our Christmas tree.

LadyMoon prefers to sit in the window behind the tree. Peek-a-boo!

Caught Twinkle taking a nap under the tree! Thankfully our kitties do not play with the tree or ornaments.

Christmas Eve service at church is always a blessing. We were given cards to pass out during the year. A great way to let people know they are noticed! The light bulb went along with a personal story our pastor told.

A tradition at our house is to open one gift on Christmas Eve. The parents get to choose which one.

Justin is using oven mits to open his gift. It's something the youth group decided everyone should do to open gifts this year. It wasn't easy!

Anabelle gave it a go with the mits too!

That is real excitement there folks! This little girl LOVES horses.

Justin got a new game for his 3DS.

Merry Christmas!!

1 comment:

Jaana said...

Looks like fun! LOL at the oven mits. :D

I see Angry Birds have found their way into your home as well. Must be the biggest thing ever coming from our small country. :) My brother's family has been to the Angry Birds Activity Park this weekend.

Happy Epiphany!