Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just Stuff

Here's the scoop. We're out of internet at the moment. Sometimes there is a WiFi connection (like right now) that I can use with my son's ancient laptop, but it's not there all the time. I'll have to see if I can get my camera to work on his computer! I really wanted to partake in the Merriment Chain! Oh well.

In other news. Hubby got another job. His other one is only a few days a week now, and the place will be on vacation for a couple weeks soon, no workey, no money. He says his new job is boring. It's down in the city.

Justin has decided he does not want to play basketball this year. And my sweet daughter is in need of an eye exam and dentist visit. She's getting better at not eating too many sweets. (She was good at eating them whenever and not asking first.) We don't actually have much sweets in the house, but there's sugar in so much food, plus she gets it at school where I can't remind her to just not eat it!

I have finally lost some weight! I've been stuck at one weight for years, and didn't know what to do, doctors just say lose weight, well, that is not really easy with PCOS. Since learning about real food, I have learned what I need to eat with PCOS, and it has finally starting working! I am very happy! I'm doing low carb, high protein. The coconut oil is also helping big time. I also cut out all low fat, no fat foods. My body is desperate for healthy fats, and I love that I don't feel tired all the time anymore. I still struggle with not eating processed food, but I do eat far less, and I choose them wisely by reading labels. I avoid soy like the plague, as it is a hormone disruptor, among other things. With PCOS, soy is the LAST thing I want to consume! I need to balance the hormone issue, not make it worse.

Happily waiting for December to get here, and more snow!

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Randa said...

Congratulations on the weight loss toots! I did a low carb high protein diet just until a week or so ago. I lost 12 inches over everywhere, but that wasn't worth feeling so lousy all the time. My body didn't respond all that well. 2 months was long enough to feel miserable...especially since the last month I lost exactly one inch, in my bust. That's it. lol I'm starting something new this next week after giving my body time to relax and remember that everything is okay.
A new job too?!? That's awesome!
The kids look like they are growing like weeds. :) Justin looks like he has gotten so tall!
I am waiting on snow here. We got some last week, but it was only a skiff and that isnt enough to satisfy my winter loving heart. Have a great December dearie!