Saturday, November 3, 2012

Goodbye October

October has come and gone. Hard to believe it is now November and Thanksgiving preparations will soon begin!

On Halloween we joined in with our church for trunk-or-treat. This was our first experience with this sort of Halloween event. Tons of kids came, way more than I figured would come. One of the local grocery stores, King Soopers, allowed us to use their truck docking area to park cars and give out candy. We even had a firetruck handing out candy too! Starbucks provided free hot cocoa and coffee and the grocery store also donated candy. Church staff would come by periodically to refill treat buckets as needed. Everyone did an awesome job decorating their trunks. Most had a theme, which we did not. Everything we used we already had and use to decorate our house. One family wanted pictures taken with our trunk, thought that was a bit flattering. hehe.

Anabelle the ballerina kitty cat in front of our trunk. I was her mommy cat. ;)

See the rest of our Halloween pictures. My son made his own costume this year. I also helped out with the kids in Anabelle's classroom with their pumpkins. Then went back later for the classroom party. Afterwards my husband picked us up at school and we went straight to Conifer to get our trunk decorated. Halloween was a very busy day!

Our very good friend Greg also took a bunch of pictures at the trunk-or-treat. You can see them here! Mommy cat is in there somewhere. ;)


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